Blank Walls Make People Feel Uncomfortable

Enhance your residential or commercial property in Viborg, SD, Sioux Falls, and the surrounding area with a beautiful wall-printed mural

If you want to spice up your décor or draw eyes to your space, getting a new wall-printed mural is one great option. 605 Dynamic Ink provides unique wall-printed and floor-printed mural services to residential and commercial clients all throughout the Viborg, SD area. Our goal is to make your space more welcoming, warm and beautiful.

We use special ink that dries instantly and is completely waterproof. Your new wall or floor-printed mural will last for around 12 years if printed indoors or 5 years if printed outside.

Don't overpay for your wall or floor mural

Not only do wall-printed murals take much less time to complete than hand-painted murals (typically around 20 square feet per hour), but they’re also significantly less expensive. We charge a low flat rate based on the size of your mural:

  • 0-200 square feet: $23 per square foot
  • 201-400 square feet: $21 per square foot
  • 401-600 square feet: $19 per square foot
  • 601+ square feet: $17 per square foot

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